Miniature works of art to be cherished for a lifetime

What do special coins mean to us? What makes them so fascinating? Whatever it is, they are here to stay – even in a world where virtual reality seems to be increasingly replacing the tangible and physical.

A unique record of Switzerland
Special coins document bygone times and important events, and in some cases even become part of the history they are commemorating. They serve as our collective memory: a gold, silver, platinum or bimetallic embodiment of Switzerland’s national life.

Exquisite artworks
Every one of our coins has been made with supreme craftsmanship. This applies to the die that stamps the design onto the coin as well as to the coin itself. Coins with the highest minting qualities, such as proof coins, are particularly impressive, with their meticulous and harmonious overall design and the care taken to make every last detail as visible as possible.

Designed for lasting value
Coins have value for us in all sorts of ways, not only their face value but also emotional, material, symbolic and commemorative value. Indeed, they seem to reflect our system of values as a whole. On the one hand, they have a monetary worth, but on the other, they represent something more transcendent, more enduring. To put it simply: fashions come and go, coins remain.

Shaping communities, stories and memories
Every coin tells a story about its owner, a story of giving and receiving, of the forging and nurturing of friendships and family ties. Anyone who owns a gold Vreneli usually remembers who gave it to them and on what occasion. They are also likely to treasure it for the rest of their lives.

Visual and tactile
Coins made of precious metal offer a special kind of sensory experience. Their brilliance makes them irresistible to the eye, and they are artfully and alluringly tactile. We run our fingertips spontaneously over their surfaces and edges to explore the fine textures, or we weigh them in our hands to get a feel for their value.

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