Making special coins even more special

Known and loved by (almost) everybody, traditional, shiny special coins are perennially popular in Switzerland, with most households having at least one. Swissmint, the official issuer of all Swiss coins, has given these small but perfectly formed works of art – each celebrating a specific aspect of the country – a presentational makeover. In this article, you’ll find out all about the reasons behind this change and why it represents a significant milestone – and not just for coin collectors.

New era of special coins
Against this backdrop, we have hired a new Head of Marketing & Sales and promptly set about overhauling our sales processes and marketing, as well as our products and their presentation. You are now holding one of the outcomes of that process: with our brand-new magazine Sondermünzen (German for „special coins“), we are ushering in a new era of special coins, as well as a completely new look.

This is the first step in our drive to foster and maintain interest in our special coins, the stories and history associated with them, and the traditions of the Swiss nation. We believe that the efforts involved in our „transformation“ have been worthwhile and will breathe new life into the world of coins, both here in Switzerland and internationally.

From now on, special coins issued by the Federal Mint will be sold under their own brand. The brand name „Eidgenössische
Sondermünzen“ and the slogan „A special piece of Switzerland“ are the cornerstones of our new image. The Mint will remain the same, but our products, and their marketing and sales in particular, are set to change.

Our silver coins will now be made from 999.9 fine silver. Containing no nickel, copper or brass, this is the purest silver available. By way of comparison, sterling silver contains only 925 fine silver. Until now, the fine silver content of our silver coins has been 0.835.5.

The magazine Sondermünzen will be published up to twice a year and will be available from the Federal Publications Shop run by the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics ( We will also be launching a new website at the start of 2023. This will feature the same content as the magazine plus some additional information.

Innovation at the Mint
We are planning to set up a shop at the Federal Mint, with a scheduled opening date of December 2023. This will give people from Switzerland and around the world an opportunity to see and purchase our miniature works of art at the place where they were created. It will also give us the chance to introduce our visitors to the special coins and the stories and history behind them.

That’s enough announcements for now! We hope you are just as excited about these upcoming changes as we are and are looking forward to our new look and the minting programme for 2023.