Lasting tribute to a Swiss icon

The fiftieth anniversary of Mani Matter’s death was on 24 November 2022, the Bernese singer-songwriter whose work has become embedded in the Swiss consciousness and remains popular today across the generations. As a tribute to this iconic artist, the Confederation has decided to issue a special coin commemorating him.

„That made it an even greater honour and pleasure for me when I was commissioned to create and model the Mani Matter coin,“

explains a visibly proud and emotional Mascherini.

As lifelike as possible
Essentially, Mascherini was given complete artistic freedom, although he knew that the design would ultimately have to be approved by the Federal Council (as with every special coin issued by the Swiss Confederation). Of course, one thing was clear from the outset: the portrait of Mani Matter would have to feature on the obverse (i.e. the front or „heads“ side), and it would need to represent the Bernese singer-songwriter as he was known and is still remembered today. The artistry lay in translating the portrait into the three-dimensional format of a coin in such a way that Matter looked as true to life as possible, while also ensuring the best possible feel to the coin, i.e. making it pleasant to the touch. With this in mind, Mascherini began by making numerous drawings and drafts. When he was satisfied with the design, he engraved it into a modelling block several times larger than the actual coin.

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