Interesting facts

Coin weight

Since it was first minted, a two-franc coin has weighed the same as two one-franc coins or four 50-centime coins.

Coin parasitism

A term coined by Blaum in 1908 to describe Switzerland’s economic decision not to mint its own coins in Switzerland. At the time of the Coinage Act of 1850, the prevailing view was that, as a small country without direct access to precious metals, it was cheaper for Switzerland to obtain coins from abroad rather than minting them itself at high cost.

Counterfeit coins

There are known counterfeit 2-franc coins from 1979, 1988 and 1991. The Italian workshop responsible for the counterfeiting was uncovered in autumn 1995.

Edge inscription or lettering

A motto, usually of religious origin, inscribed on the edge of a coin. The main reason for this was to improve protection against counterfeiting and as a measure against coin “clipping” (filing off precious metal from the edge of the coin).

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