Designing the coins

The first step in transforming a theme into an actual coin
is selecting the artist.

Design is critical to the success of a coin, so we take great care choosing the artist in each case. As well as our in-house engraver Remo Mascherini, we have close ties with many renowned Swiss artists. We expect our coin designers to have an exceptional degree of motivation and identification with the subject matter. This is the only way to achieve creative and unique designs. If we have enough time before the issue date, we organise a competitive tendering process in which participating artists submit designs, which we evaluate in a panel.

Requirements for coin designers
“An experienced coin designer can help come up with a clear, simple design that also tells a story,” explains Jan Niklas Betz, Head of Marketing & Sales at Swissmint. “However, finding an artist suitable for this task is often difficult. As well as being artistically gifted, they also need to have a deep understanding of history and culture. That is the only way to end up with a design that encapsulates the relevant cultural and historical meaning.” For Betz, picking the right coin design is key: “It ensures that the coin is not only aesthetically pleasing but also does justice to its historical or cultural significance. Given that we have very little space to tell a story, experience has shown that clear and simple designs work best.”