Coin collecting
for advanced collectors

Have you bought one or more coins and are now wondering how to become a collector? Ursula Kampmann, editor of MünzenWoche, has put together some tips for you.

Tip 1 –
Decide what themes you want to collect

Collecting does not just mean buying something. Collecting means committing to a theme, such as Swissmint coins, 16th century coins or coins with animal designs. It is the focus on specific themes that distinguishes collectors from coin buyers.

Tip 2 –
Find like-minded people

Collecting is even more fun when you exchange ideas with like-minded people. Look for a group where you feel comfortable.

Would you like to exchange ideas with like-minded collectors? Then look for a club. There is a coin collectors’ club or a numismatists’ association in almost every large Swiss city. Clubs are also excellent for beginners.

Tip 3 –
Learn about the world of coins

Acquire knowledge about your coins and the themes you collect. Websites such as, magazines such as Numispost, or lists that you can find on our homepage are all useful for this.

Tip 4 –
How to store your coins?

Keep your coins in their original packaging and in the coin capsule. The original packaging is part of the collector’s product and can have an influence on a possible resale value.

Opinions differ on the coin capsule. The transparent plastic packaging protects the surface, especially in the case of proof coins, which could be damaged even by touching with a bare finger. If the only aim of your collection is a possible increase in value, then you should not take the coins out of the plastic packaging. If, on the other hand, you want to admire the full beauty of the coin, then it may well be worth looking at the coin without the coin capsule. However, make sure you only touch the coin at the edge.

Tip 5 –
Moving your coins

Be careful when moving your coin collection to countries with humid climates. Find out about customs formalities (cash equivalents may need to be declared or announced when leaving the country). Also be aware of the climate at your destination. Coins minted in European mints, unlike coins minted in Asian countries, do not have a film protecting the surface from moisture.

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