“Aerial cableway Schilthorn”
special coin

The third silver coin in the Swiss cable cars series celebrates the existing Schilthorn aerial cableway and concludes the Swiss cable cars trilogy.

60 years of
Schilthornbahn AG

“We are delighted that the Schilthorn special coin will join two other iconic Swiss mountain railway companies in the three-part series on Swiss cable cars. In December 2024, we will open the first two sections of the new cableway, which will be built in several stages between the valley floor and the Schilthorn summit by 2026. The new construction is a major milestone in the 60-year history of Schilthornbahn AG and will be with us for decades to come. The silver coin is therefore a beautiful tribute to the old cable car, thanks to which countless guests from near and far have been able to visit the Schilthorn – Piz Gloria leisure destination over the years.” Schilthornbahn AG.

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About the
20XX project

The new direct connection between Stechelberg and Mürren and the new Funifor cable car between Mürren and Birg will open on 13 December 2024. The new Funifor cable car between Birg and Schilthorn will open on 15 March 2025. In technological terms, the project is remarkable. On the Schilthorn, the world’s steepest cableway (160 % gradient, 775 m difference in altitude over a length of 1,194 m) and the first cable cars in Switzerland with wind-resistant Funifor technology on sections 2 and 3 to the Schilthorn summit are under construction.

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