200 years of the Swiss Shooting Sport Federation

The Swiss Shooting Sport Federation (SSV) is celebrating a very special anniversary in 2024. Swissmint’s latest special coin marks the start of the celebrations.

Historic relic from a bygone age

In 1842, the first forerunner of the Schützentaler, or shooting taler, was minted to celebrate the Schützenfest (shooting festival) in Chur. The reverse of the SSV silver coin features elements of this coin, the first to be minted for a Schützenfest.

A long tradition:

The Swiss Shooting Sport Federation (Schweizer Schiesssportverband) was founded almost 200 years ago as the Swiss Shooting Association (Schweizer Schützenverein). Today, the SSV is the fifth largest sports federation in Switzerland, with around 130,000 members

Eyes on the bullseye

Shooting sport requires precision and concentration. When it comes to hitting the bullseye, the human eye is the most important tool – which is why our chosen design is bang on target!




Photo: Swiss Shooting Sport Federation

A long and varied history

The Swiss Shooting Sport Federation is one of the oldest sports associations in Switzerland. It was founded at the first federal shooting festival in Aarau.