Traditional and innovative minting skills

Swissmint supplies Switzerland with circulation coins for daily use on behalf of the Swiss Confederation. Since 1936, Swissmint has also been minting special coins such as the famous gold Vreneli. Our work focuses on craftsmanship and quality as well as economic efficiency and sustainability.

Long-standing Swiss history

The Federal Mint Swissmint has been located in the Kirchenfeld district of Bern since 1906 and has been producing Swiss franc coins ever since. Since 1936, the Swiss Confederation has issued special coins to commemorate important historical and cultural events and to honour prominent figures.

The Mint

The Federal Mint Swissmint enjoys an excellent reputation among numismatists both in Switzerland and throughout the world. Numismatics is, to be precise, the scientific study of money and history. But coin collecting, too, is generally called numismatics. It is also the link between coins and history that make collecting really interesting. What’s more, an old, well-worn piece could undoubtedly tell more than a good condition minting that has spent its entire life in a cash box. Nevertheless: the collector prefers coins in the best possible condition.

Minting and packing swiss special coins
As opposed to circulation coins which are continuously struck in normal quality, collector’s coins are either minted in reduced quantities in brilliant uncirculated quality, or individually with two strokes for coins in polished plate quality (also known as proof, PP, or mint gloss). The minting of collector’s coins in normal quality is identical to that of circulation coins. Whereas the blanks supplied for coins to be minted in normal or brilliant uncirculated qualities require no further preparation (as is also the case with blanks for circulation coins), those reserved for proof-quality coins are subjected to a series of preparatory processes, including annealing, pickling, peen-finishing, washing, and stain-free drying with the aim of achieving optimum surface quality. In order to obtain the best possible contrast between the lustre of the field and the frosted appearance of the relief, the minting dies used for proof coins are also specially polished.

Special coins in proof quality are hand-packed first in coin capsules and then in elegant cardboard boxes with slipcase, those in uncirculated quality are sealed. The annual circulation coin sets in both proof and brilliant uncirculated qualities are presented in a modern outfit of transparent shell packaging, as well as the special coins sets for birth, birthday and Christmas.